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We would like to thank the following for their kind permission in using photographs or text:

The Glenny family and friends for photographes of frivolities,

Mr. and Mrs. Stüder and their group for the same and especially Dr. Stüder (vet) for his advice about our sheep,

Martyn Wainwright (previously photographer to Motorsport) for his photographs,

Lesley Chalmers who is a professional photographer ( for allowing us free use of certain photographs,

Judy Craig, also a professional photographer, who also gave us free use of certain photographs,

The Laurens/MacDonald family for their kindness in allowing us to use the photograph of their wedding reception.

The team of dedicated naturalists and botanists of the CREN for correcting the page on the flora and fauna, for their continued work on the site of Rodié and for the photographs taken at Rodié with a special thankyou to Mickaël Paillet who took most of the photographs


Mandala for such good music,

M.Pouwels and his staff for helping to make so many people happy,

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